de Viant

Elite Mistress
Venice Dominatrix

Next tour dates:
Milan: November 4-5, 2022

Lady Viviana de Viant,  lifestyle Mistress and Exclusive Pro-domme.

You can meet Me in Venice or during My travels to Milano and occasionally in  other cities.

I’m an enigmatic Temptress with passion for sensualy charged deviant experiences where My control over you is the most erotically compeling element for both of U/us.

I guide you into the world of submission, perversion, temptation, lust, erotic discovery and sadistic pleasures.

I’m the perfect mix of nordic beauty and elegance and southern passion and determination.

You might be misled by My silky blond hair and mysteriously blue eyes. While you are with Me you find yourself in heaven while suffering the pains of hell. But be careful. I’m not speaking exclusively about physical pain, which I delight to give, but what is even more satisfying for Me, is taking control over your mind. I lead you into a trap that you, without even noticing it, build for yourself by yourself.

In My company you feel captured by My strong presence permeated by the innate elegance that distinguishes Me. you want nothing more than to surrender completely to Me. It is your desire to give up your power and entrust it completely to Me.

you understand immediately that I’m a mixture of contradictions. I am caring, empathetic, sensual, but as soon as the door to the outside world closes, My perverse and playfully sadistic side takes over.

My domination style is more subtle and bittersweet than just shouting orders and is charged with sensuality and eroticism.

I use My imposing erotic charge and My magnetic and enchanting gaze to manipulate you. With My exceptional intellect and My highly developed intuition I study you to find your weaknesses. I am an innate pleasure explorer and touch is My most natural way of expression. My expansive imagination allows Me to be creative and playful. My hands are all over you, taking pleasure from teasing and tormenting you.

Do not be fooled by My kind behavior. I am demanding and have high expectations. I use My sweet voice to disarm you and put you where you belong, under My feet.

I’m the Woman who whispers sweetly in your ear while Her fingernails dig deeper into your flesh.

I’m a very discreet and private Woman and although BDSM is an integral part of My life I do have a lot of other interests and passions.

“Lady Viviana, You are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” BDSM/Fetish