approach BDSM

My approach to BDSM is rooted in My desire to facilitate meaningful experiences. I’m interested in mindfully exploring the depths of human sexuality, creating a space that is as safe as possible for vulnerability to be embraced, for the darkest yearnings to be expressed and for shame to be transformed. 

I desire to create encounters where people can be seen, heard and be able to freely express their most hidden desires and bloom in the most authentic version of themselves. Read more here.

I love to educate Myself and expand My knowledge, probably because I’m a very demanding Woman (towards Myself and towards others) and I highly value skills-building and education. It has been My passion to hone My skills and expand My knowledge in over 10 years of studying embodiment and sexuality.

Before becoming a Pro-domme I have taken classes and participated in various workshops both practical as well as academical and spent hours practicing and honing My skills and doing research. I have learned practical skills as well as the psychology behind the submission.

I took classes and courses with Eve Minax, Damiana Chi, Princess Kali, Madame Caramel to name a few.

This has given Me the opportunity to tap into different styles of domination and teaching and not get stuck on a single stereotype.

Anne O Nomis and Mistress Malissia are Dominatrices and teachers who inspired Me the most. 

If there is something that I care about more than any other thing in My work, then that’s ethics and safety.

I’m intelligent and intuitive, with years behind Me as a sexuality professional. I have a significant competence in working with trauma and with the nervous system. Understanding the functioning of the human psyche is My great passion and I hold a deep curiosity for human sexuality. All this allows Me to go beyond simply feeding your erotic fantasy on a superficial level by leaving you trapped in your addictive patterns, and skillfully getting to the root of your longing.

I perceive doing this kind of work as a privilege and I take the responsibility that comes with it very seriously.

I prefer more private play, you will not find Me on any clip site or elsewhere. My beauty is to be savored, not consumed.

Who do I enjoy meeting? 

I really enjoy truly submissive individuals who are eager to please and surrender all control to Me. I like to play with novices and with individuals who are curious about exploring lighter or more sensual forms of domination. 

I like to build intimate close relationships with My submissives . Open up and be willing to be honest with yourself, communicate to the best of your abilities and commit to O/our dynamic and I will honor and cherish the vulnerability and trust that is necessary to foster this kind of connection.


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