Let’s start with you

you feel you have always been attracted to Dominant Women. you like it when an attractive  Woman has power over you. you love to be seduced by Her beauty, Her savoir faire, and fall into Her web.

you desire Her so much, but you do not have the certainty if you will have something in return and what it will be. you let yourself be played, used, teased and denied.  

The sensation you feel of being extremely excited, almost not being able to hold the feverishness inside. Every part of your body shakes, it is all shivering, your head is confused. you would love to touch Her, kiss Her, but you can’t. you are tied, and even if you are not, you would never dare to make a move. Because you know it will cost you a lot or maybe everything.

Now let’s talk about Me

Exuding fully My sensuality and a mischieviously playful demeanor I easily seduce you. I unchain your most deviant fantasies and lead you through delightful explorations while engaging all of your senses.

I lure you in, edge you, taunt you, until you are overcome with desire, and in that moment I turn it all against you. You’re helpless now, reduced to begging, imploring, and craving – but all the pleasure, excitement and satisfaction is now Mine.

And I start again from the beginning. I let you come very close, then even closer, but the moment you are within the reach of My body and you believe you almost could make it to touch or kiss Me…I make My move. And you are left with your mouth open, the disappointment, the frustration. the denial. 

stockings black whip lingerie

What makes tease and denial so appealing?

What is the point of such an apparently frustrating situation?

The thing is that tease and denial is an extremely powerful tool to play with sexual energy and a great way to surrender control, while learning perfectly or almost perfectly mastering self control. 

This might be very rewarding. Especially for those who feel that the sexual energy is uncontrollable or don’t know how to cultivate and expand it.

Tease and denial can make your sexuality so rich that you can’t even imagine. It allows you to discover all the subtle feelings you would never be able to feel engaging in and lets have it all immediately.

Creating waves of pleasure that are dancing all over your body, your mind becomes a place of lust . 

Tease and denial gives you the opportunity to learn the difference between sexual and erotic.

This is your chance to let yourself be played, used, teased and denied by Me. while you hand your power to Me, I will lead you on a myriad of sensual explorations.

Don’t waste your time. Hand Me over your power.