...and the answers

The answer is very simple. Because I don’t have time to waste.

If you have read the whole site well, then you already know that I carefully select the people I meet. I am not interested in the quantity, but in the quality of the encounters.

The best way to get in touch with Me is through the application form. Reading the answers to My questions allows Me to immediately understand if the person is really interested in meeting Me, if what they are looking for is in line with My inclinations and avoids Me having to answer calls and emails from rude people, time wasters, etc. Once I have received your application form, you will receive My answer through email.

Taking deposits to secure all sessions is standard practice among Dommes. It is necessary in order to weed out timewasters, and to prevent no-shows and last minute cancellations.

It is also an assurance to you that I have committed to see you, and that your time will not be wasted either. I take my commitments seriously.

For those who are afraid that I can take the deposit and vanish. Try to use common sense. How long could I last?

As I have already mentioned through the website, I’m a very private person and this reflects also on My style as a Dominatrix. I prefer in-person encounters, because I like to attune to the person I’m interacting with and this is not possible for Me in the virtual world.

It is also a top priority for Me to protect My privacy along with that of My clients.

It is part of My life choices and self-care trying to avoid social media. I do have an active Twitter account, but I engage there very mindfully. I like to connect with My fellow colleagues and with people interested in following Me, but it is not intended to be part of My everyday life.

You may address me as Lady Viviana, Mistress, Goddess, or Miss. I do not like to be addressed differently. If you are a novice, don’t panic that you might make some mistakes, just be respectful and polite.

My clients are human beings for Me before everything else.

And that is a place from where I start every interaction.

If you don’t express interest in these activities you will NOT be subject to any humiliation by Me. I will use My power and control over you in different ways.

Humiliation and degradation just like everything else in BDSM are quite specific fetishes and not everyone enjoys them and I will respect that if you don’t.

The answer is of course. BDSM is not all about pain.

And as for Me I do enjoy mostly the psychological aspect of BDSM.

BDSM sessions don’t have to involve pain at all. There is a whole variety of BDSM practices that are focused on everything else but pain.

Most of My submissives come to see Me, because of all the other aspects of BDSM that I and them enjoy.

That being said I very much enjoy sensation play which might involve pain. Which I would call pleasurable pain, used as an incentive to higher the sensations in your body. Using paddles, My hands, whips of floggers to awaken the skin and the skin receptors and bring you into the body and sensations.

Do your best to arrive on time (not sooner, nor late), if you have any issues let Me know in time that you will be late. I do tolerate a max 15 min delay if you have let Me know in time. If you do not text me about your delay, after 15 min I will consider our session canceled. If you do not show up for O/our session I will not give you another opportunity unless you pay for the whole session in advance.

Please don’t forget to shower before O/our session, if the circumstances don’t allow you to do so, you can always ask to have shower at My place.

Refrain from wearing any heavy colognes or scents.

When you arrive, wash your hands and use the mount wash in the bathroom.

Do not consume alcohol or drugs before O/our session, I will not play with you if I sense you might be in an altered state.

Don’t forget to give Me the tribute in a white or personalized envelope at the start of the session. (It should not be My task to remind you of that, even though I understand that nervousness and excitement might be playing tricks with your mind focused.)