My proclivities


dominatrice bionda con frustino labbra rosse

…when entering My world you dream to feel lost in luscious desperation and epicurean yearning…

Tease &Denial Chastity play


I induct in you a craving that you don’t know if, when or how could be fulfilled and I let you chase your pleasure endlessly.


you become desperate, helpless and embarrassed.

I love the art of teasing —nothing I like more than seeing the excitement in your eyes while you are struggling and falling victim to My tempting body and the way I use it against you. 

  • mental manipulation
  • longing and desperation
  • orgasm denial
  • CFNM
  • JOI

…by entering My world you dream to feel confined, trapped and powerless…

Sensory deprivation Impact play


I lead you in a place where nothing else but the present moment matters.  I use your body for My pleasure and amusement.


you surrender to Me. you leave Me in control of your body, mind and sensations. your body quivers every time My hands grip you. you don’t know if you’re moaning from pleasure or pain.

  • bondage  
  • submission
  • spanking
  • whipping
  • sensation play

…by entering My world you dream to feel tantalized, ravished and intensely delighted…



I might allow you to intensely delight in adoration of My feet, boot, heels, nylons stockings, lingerie, gloves.


you are enraptured and overwhelmed by the sensations. your pupils dilate and your mouth waters. you know I will use your weakness against you.

Having My feet worshipped is one of My favorite kinks. My feet are incredibly sensitive and responsive. They were made to be fetishized.
If you want to worship My beautiful and responsive feet you need to be dedicated and eager to please Me, because My pleasure comes first.


femdom piedi capelli biondi

…by entering My world you dream to feel transformed and seen…



I become your transforming Muse.

I dress you, make you pretty and teach you how to walk on heels, how to move and I allow you to express your most feminine parts. 


you feel seen, understood, delighted in being able to wear everything that in the world outside would be inadmissible.


…by entering My world you dream to feel controlled, guided and owned by a dominant Woman…

Slave training Service


I have total control over you. I guide you deep into the submission and make yourself useful to Me.

My control is like chrysalis forming around you and containing you.


you want to willingly submit to the Women who will possess you and own you. you want to belong. you want to give yourself to… Me. 



This list is not to be considered exhaustive, but simply a glimpse into My world.

During O/our time together you have My undivided attention and full presence. Each session is carefully crafted to complement O/our unique chemistry. I will keep you captivated and entranced by My voice, My body and most importantly My touch. You will desire to be touched as you never did before. 

Besides in-person encounters I also offer Distance Domination and Keyhoding experiences.

Send Me an application request and I will evaluate it. 

Do not expect to live with Me a “fast food experience”. I love to create unique experiences that leave their mark. I love taking My submissives on a journey of transformation and erotic discovery.

I get a lot of satisfaction in drawing out the deepest fantasies from within you. I like to read you and read your reactions. So I can know you and craft the session to O/our mutual desires and fantasies. 

I encourage you to go deeper to your limits where everything becomes blurred and you no longer know if you are groaning with pleasure or pain. 

I support you in letting go where perhaps you could not before and I nurture you without judgment.

My introversion and My strong intuition impel Me to seek only the experiences that give Me great joy and meaningful pleasure.


OFF Limits

Medical play, brown and ruby showers, Me subbing, any activity that is illegal, unsafe or non-consensual.

 I do not offer sexual intercourse as part of My services. 

I always practice and facilitate activities and relationships in sessions according to the Safe Sane Consensual principles. Before O/our session commences a safe word will be established for each party involved in the scene.



I have a privilege to be selective about who I accept in My world. I value quality over quantity and I deeply value My time. My tribute is not negotiable.

Enter My world

By introducing you to My world W/we will begin to create complicity and attunement necessary to progress towards more intense and profound experiences. (only as an introduction session)

1 hour – 250  euro

Begin the exploration

Reveal your innermost self to Me and begin the exploration.

2 hours — 500 euro


Let Me test your resilience and guide you towards submission.

3 hours – 700 euro

Sensual dinner & Domination

4 hours — 900 euro

FLR experience

W/we will enjoy a social outing of My choosing followed or preceded by lunch or dinner. I will enjoy teasing and tormenting you, you will enjoy being completely subjugated by My presence. Eventually W/we will return to My rooms where the most hidden desires will be revealed and transformed into reality.

8 hours – 1500 euro

I prefer longer sessions, because what really gives Me the most satisfaction is to create experiences that are deeply engaging both physically and mentally. Longer sessions allow Me to create deeper physical, mental and emotional connection and I can help you untangle anything that inhibits your authentic sexual expression and lead you into the most delightful state of submission and surrender to sensations.

Distance Domination

1 week – from 50 to 200 euro depending on O/our arrangement

Do you want to be daily at My service? you will receive daily assignments, glimpses into to My daily life, and if your service is up to My standards you might even receive rewards. 

Chastity and key-holding

1 week – from 50 to 150 euro depending on O/our arrangement 

Do you wish to hand over the key of your manhood to Me? I will take full control and possession of your body and your pleasure. 

Deposit and cancellation terms

A non-refundable deposit of 100 euros is required to confirm O/our session.

Once I have received your application for the session I will inform you how to submit the deposit.

Rescheduling: I will accept cancellation for once. Notice must be given 48 hours prior to the scheduled session time.


During My travels abroad My rates may vary.

Where can you meet Me

It is possible to arrange a meeting with Me  in Venice. Occassionally I travel to Milan and other cities. 

Next dates on tour:


If you would like to meet with Me on a date other than those listed please fill out the form on the Contact page and indicate the city and date you would like to meet with Me and we will try to find a date that works best for both of us. (Note: this will require an additional fee to accommodate the rearrangement of My schedule).

Spoil me

A gift, a box of fine chocolate, or simply a handwritten note are all small acts of adoration that make a big impact. I always remember these gestures with affection and appreciation. I’ve provided some links below, but I also appreciate spontaneity and creativity.

Throne – make Me happy, impress Me, make Me notice you

Honey Birdette

Coco de Mer London

Etsy Gift Card

Something Wicked Lingerie


I love those who give back to the community. 

An extremely special gift is a tax-deductible donation in MY honor to:

Sea Shepard

Pangea Onlus

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